Go Green for your beauty and well being

Zorica of Malibu products are created for the health-oriented individual, especially consumers with chemical and fragrance sensitivity.

We use organic and natural ingredients and our entire bath and body products are scented with high grade organic pure essential oils. Some of our ingredients are Fair Trade (where percentage of sales go to help farmers with there wages and working conditions).

Zorica, a longtime sufferer to fragrance and chemical sensitivity, has developed a line of luxurious, wonderfully-scented, all-natural bath and body products, including 100% pure perfume, to pamper yourself. Made with 100% pure essential oils (not a small percentage diluted with other fragrance oils and solvents that millions people have an allergies and sensitivity to), you can indulge yourself in wonderful natural, organic fragrance. Enjoy!

The art of science and nature

What you put on your skin is consumed by your body through the skin’s pores…doesn’t your skin deserve the best?

All the products are: Paraben-Free, Petrochemical and Solvent-Free, Silicone, Dioxanes-, Lead-, Heavy-Metals Free, No Animal Testing and 100% Vegen.

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